How much does it cost to study abroad in Cancun? 

Costs to study aboroad in Mexico: tuition fees, travel and living costs

Mexico is not only a popular holiday destination but is also attracting international students from all over the world. In the latestQS Higher Education System Strength Rankings, Mexico took 31st place. With Beyond Abroad, you can study at one of Mexico’s best universities in the most popular destination in Latin America. The Anáhuac Cancun University is the largest private university in Cancun, the number 1 tourist destination in Latin America and the Caribbean. But how much does it cost to study abroad in Mexico?

Application and tuition fees

Firstly, Beyond Abroad’s goal is to make study abroad experiences affordable for as many young people as possible. Studying abroad is one of the most valuable experiences and indeed life-changing. The tuition fee for a semester at the Anáhuac Cancun University is 1990 EUR2290EUR plus a 75 EUR application fee. Exchange students from the USA pay 3500 USD and an application fee of 97 USD.

What do the program fees include?

The fees cover not only the tuition! The Beyond Abroad team is supporting you along the process. For instance, you can ask our Student Support Service all your questions and receive an answer within 24h. Our quick and easy application procedure ensures that you won’t have to submit endless piles of documents with your application. Moreover, Beyond Abroad confirms your study placement as quickly as in 24h. This way, you save a lot of time, effort, and worry. Consequently, you can focus on travel preparations and the life-changing experiences ahead.

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Don’t forget to add the fixed costs of travelling to Cancun, Mexico

Travel costs to Mexico: Visa and Flight

Students who will be in Mexico for less than 180 days may enter with atourist cardwith a maximum duration of 180 days. The tourist card is free if you fly to Mexico. Just remember to fill out your online beforehand. Students who will be visiting for longer than 180 days can apply for a student visa. Your study program or the Mexican consulate can help you with this process. The price may vary depending on your home country. Flight connections to Cancun are excellent and affordable because of their touristic importance. The costs of your flight to Mexico depend on your home country. For instance, German students can take direct flights from Frankfurt to Cancun for 270 EUR.


Students at Beyond Abroad are responsible for finding their accommodation and can therefore look for individual needs and personal budgets.Click hereto see some tips on finding a place to live in Cancun. The following list gives you an indication of how much you will realistically spend on your accommodation while studying abroad in Cancun. Remember that you can group up with other students and look for housing together!

  • 1 bedroom apartment in city centre 336 USD/ 293 EUR
  • 1 bedroom apartment utside of centre 208 USD/ 182 EUR
  • 3 bedrooms apartment in city centre 682 USD/ 596 EUR
  • 3 bedrooms apartment outside of centre 511 USD/ 446 EUR

Living costs in Cancun

The costs to study abroad in Cancun vary depending on the season. These prices reflect the expensive high season. The local transportation costs are 0.58 USD/ 0.51 EUR for a one-way ticket and 24.81 USD/ 21.65 EUR for a monthly public transportation pass. You can expect to pay around 8.70 USD/ 7.60 EUR for a meal in an inexpensive restaurant. A three-course meal for two people in a mid-range restaurant will be 39 USD/ 34 EUR. But you will get a menu at McDonald’s already for 5.35 USD/ 4.67 EUR. In addition, you can enjoy draught domestic beer for 2.10 USD/ 1.83 EUR per 0.5 liters or a bottle of Coke for 1.03 USD/ 0.90 EUR. Also, free time activities are cheaper than in Europe. A monthly pass for a fitness club costs 27 USD/ 24 EUR or going to an international release in the cinema 3.16 USD/ 2.76 EUR.

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Make sure to know the costs to study abroad in Cancun, before you apply

Overall costs to study abroad in Cancun:

All in all, the costs to study abroad in Cancun are relatively affordable, especially when you compare it to European prices. Taking everything into consideration, rent, food, transportation, and free-time activities, you can calculate to spend around 917 USD/ 800 EUR per month. But after all, the living costs will depend on your own standard and priorities.

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