How to Study Abroad in Mexico with Beyond Abroad

Are you interested to study abroad in Mexico in English? With Beyond Abroad you can become an exchange student in Mexico. In this article, we will explain to you how to apply for the Anáhuac Cancun University in Cancun. Continue to read, if you want to know more about Beyond Abroad’s study abroad program in Mexico.

Study abroad in Mexico to experience its culture and beautiful nature

Spend a semester abroad in Mexico to immerse yourself in the culture and get to know the country. When you study abroad in Mexico you will become a part of the daily lives of locals. This way, you will experience Mexico’s cultural diversity. Mexico is famous for its incredible beaches, archaeology, culture, and tequila. But it is also a fantastic destination for studying abroad. The country maintains some fascinating cities with friendly people and plenty of activities for visitors of all interests.

Beyond Abroad’s partner university is located in Cancun, known worldwide for its breathtaking white sand beaches and beautiful azure blue water. It is the most popular holiday destination in Latin America and the Caribbean. Cancun is so attractive for visitors because it has a lot to offer. For instance, natural wonders, Mayan culture, aquatic activities, international cuisine, traditional handicraft markets or modern wellness facilities, just to name a few. Moreover, the shows, bars, and nightclubs contribute to the city’s legendary nightlife.

study in mexico experience the culture
Study abroad in Mexico and learn about the people and culture while earning credits

English University in Mexico for international students

First of all, you have to find an exchange program that fits your needs, if you plan to study abroad in Mexico. Luckily, there are some great English Universities in Mexico for international students! The Anáhuac Cancun University is the leading private university in Cancun and the third-best private university in Mexico. It is the ideal choice for international students! That is why Beyond Abroad decided to partner with Anáhuac University. The Anáhuac Universities’ network is one of the largest and most well-known higher education institutes worldwide. Today the Anáhuac Network is present in 18 countries and, so far, more than 100.000 graduates. You will study with local and international students together in a global learning environment. Moreover, the Anáhuac Cancun University is located in Cancun, just minutes away from the ocean. Enjoy the combination of high-quality education with the Caribbean Sea just in front of your door.

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Study in Mexico in Cancun minutes away from the Caribbean Sea
Study minutes away from the Caribbean Sea at the Anáhuac Cancun University

Study Abroad in Mexico in English – Choose your courses

Besides finding the perfect university, it is also vital that you find an English study abroad program in Mexico that fits your study fields. The Anáhuac Cancun University has a great variety of study fields and courses. All courses from these programs are taught 100% in the English language. If you wish to attend classes taught in Spanish, you can get in touch with the Student Support Service of Beyond Abroad. 

Study programs in English atAnáhuac Cancun University:

  • Business Administration
  • Entertainment Business Management
  • Gastronomy
  • International Business
  • International Hotel Management
  • Medicine and Surgery

The final course selection takes place during the orientation week, one week before the official start of the semester. Since Anahuac University offers no tailor-made exchange program with specific courses, students should prepare for possible course changes. Pick some extra classes when making your initial course selection if one of your choices isn’t available. You can still make some changes to your course plan at the beginning of the semester if needed after arriving at the destination.

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Prepare your documents and apply to study abroad in Mexico

Apply to study abroad at Anahuac University and become an exchange student in Mexico! You need to be at least 18 years old to apply for the program. Moreover, you need a high school diploma or similar certificate. However, you don’t need to be a university student. If you fulfil the requirements, you can start preparing your documents. Firstly, you need a copy of your passport and an official transcript of records. If you are no university student you only need a copy of your high school diploma. The application for Anahuac University is easy and fast. Fill out the online application and submit your documents. You will get a confirmation of your study placement within one week, at best as quickly as in one day.

Study in Mexico, Cancun for adventure and holiday vibes while earning credits
Cancun is the perfect study abroad destination because it combines adventure and academics like no other place

Are you interested in studying abroad in Mexico?

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