Is Mexico Good for International Students?

7 reasons why Mexico is good for international students

International students have numerous educational, professional, and cultural experiences available to them while studying abroad in Mexico. A vibrant culture coupled with quality schools and a widely-spoken language is the best way for students to gain the skills and global awareness to thrive. Not to mention, you could open yourself up to business and personal connections to last you a lifetime. Here is why Mexico is an ideal destination for international students.

1. Quality Schools

Imagine studying alongside the white-sand beaches of Cancun at the third highest-ranking university in Mexico — Anáhuac Cancun University. Mexican universities deliver an advantage over most others, allowing students to dive right into their degree program from day one. This ensures students understand their industry thoroughly and graduate within four years. Many are usually better prepared for their careers after graduating from university.

2. Language Immersion

Learning Spanish — Mexico’s official language — through conversational practice and books can ease communication barriers and enable students to develop bilingual skills. Mexico is the largest Spanish-speaking country in the world. Furthermore, 460 million people speak Spanish worldwide, making it the second most-spoken language after Chinese. Many companies regard Spanish as a critical language skill across several industries. International students who partake in Spanish language immersion can set themselves apart from other job applicants after graduation.

3. Affordable Living

International students in Mexico will appreciate the country’s affordable cost of living — one Mexican peso is about $0.05. According to, livability is 1.31 times less expensive in Mexico than the global average — most citizens can afford rent, utilities, food and transportation at $713. Additionally, students can take advantage of cheap public transportation to explore their surroundings. An individual ticket for the metro costs only 5 pesos, while the bus costs 6 pesos — some of the lowest fares in the world. People may purchase a rechargeable ticket for 10 pesos plus the transportation fare they’d like to add.

4. Culture and Food

Mexico boasts 3,587 colleges and universities you can choose from nationwide, with cultures all deeply rooted in food, music, art, dance, religion and textiles. From Mariachi bands that play at the Plaza Garibaldi in Mexico City to backyard gatherings, markets, museums and festivals, there is plenty for international students to experience throughout the nation’s vibrant cities. If you’re lucky enough to study in Mexico during November, Día de Los Muertos — the Day of the Dead — is set aside to pay tribute to those who’ve passed. Meanwhile, Mexicans celebrate Carnival before Lent in February or March.

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5. Attractions and Landmarks

International students can visit several landmarks in Mexico. The country’s history includes ancient Aztec civilizations and the Mayans, of which the remaining structures and ruins provide insight into pre-Hispanic life. For instance, Chichen Itza on the Yucatan Peninsula is considered the best-preserved example of a Maya village, presumed to be settled between 415 and 435 A.D. and abandoned around 1440 A.D. In the city center, visitors can see the famous Temple of Kukulcan. Students can also learn more about Mexico by visiting one of its many museums — there are over 150 museums in Mexico City alone.

6. Welcoming Community

Mexican families are usually quite large and close-knit and family values play a crucial role in making visitors feel welcome. It’s common to get invited to parties and dinners at people’s homes. Mexicans typically relish group activities and socializing. There’s also a greater emphasis on creating harmony and agreement within a group setting. If you’re considering the pros and cons of studying abroad in Mexico, its vibrant community makes it a good place for international students to feel more at home.

7. Access to Health Care

Mexico’s public health care system should make it an attractive destination for international students. It’s best to be prepared for the unexpected regardless of where you study abroad — as such, your program may require you to purchase health insurance in case of a medical emergency. International students and foreign residents must apply for an immigration work visa before becoming eligible for Instituto Mexicano de Seguro Social (IMSS) insurance. Although obtaining a visa is time-consuming, IMSS insurance holders may receive affordable treatment, care, medications and tests. Otherwise, it would be best to consider acquiring a private health insurance plan for international students.

Endless Opportunities for International Students in Mexico

Studying in Mexico is a good idea for international students interested in immersing themselves in the Hispanic language and culture. Perhaps most importantly, those who study in Mexico are presented with plenty of professional opportunities after graduation. This is especially true since many companies seek applicants who speak Spanish fluently. It’s also ideal for those on a tight budget. Mexico could be the perfect destination if you desire quality education and cultural enrichment.

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