Best Universities in Mexico for International Students: 15 premier colleges to open doors for opportunities!

The best universities in Mexico for international students are ready to provide you with high-quality education this 2024! 

Mexico, or the Estados Unidos Mexicanos, is widely known for its exciting cultures, mouthwatering food, UNESCO world heritage sites, and numerous natural panoramic spots.

Aside from being a haven for travel, the region is also an in-demand study abroad destination where top learning institutions offer the best programs for global learners.  

Today, we will feature the best universities in Mexico for international students. We will also answer frequently asked questions plus introduce the easiest and most affordable way to study in the region!

best universities in Mexico for international students

Why study in Mexico

Enrolling at the best universities in Mexico for international students comes with the following exciting privileges!

Experience a region filled with stimulating cultures

Mexico’s diversity stands out as it comprises Spanish, African, and indigenous cultures. It is a haven for enthusiasts wanting to dive deeper into respected civilizations such as the Mayan, Nahua, Otomi, and the Zapotec. With these, expect further understanding and appreciation of beliefs and traditions. 

Get to know century-old festivals and holidays

Studying at the best universities in Mexico for international students introduces you to feasts representing a nation’s colorful history. It teaches you to celebrate victories, whether big or small. “Fiestas” also represent important milestones that molded a society into what it is today. 

Step into the world of talented Mexican artists

Another privilege of enrolling at the best universities in Mexico for international students is access to masterpieces created by renowned locals. If you plan to study arts, Mexico is the perfect location, as it is home to the best talents in the world that will significantly inspire you to be the best.

– Enjoy a cuisine celebrated globally

Mexican food is incomparably aromatic and flavorful, courtesy of its vast, prosperous land where spices are readily available. Future chefs are encouraged to enroll at the best universities in Mexico for international students, as they will learn everything from cooking techniques to well-kept secrets! 

Affordable education for everyone!

Mexican learning institutions offer cost-effective tuition fees for global learners. The education system is also commendable as some of the universities rank globally. Furthermore, international students can choose from updated and in-demand programs fitted to their professional goals. 

There are more benefits for international students in enrolling at the best universities in Mexico. Experience it now and have an exceptional career after! 

best universities in Mexico for international students

Best universities in Mexico for international students

After introducing the advantages, below are top learning institutions to enroll in 2024.

1. Anáhuac University

Aside from being the newest, Anáhuac University is also the most modern, offering in-demand programs in Business Administration, Entertainment Business Management, Gastronomy, International Business, International Hotel Management, Medicine, and Surgery. It is among the best universities in Mexico for international students, ranking third in the whole region, 84th in Latin America, and the top 2% globally!

2. National Autonomous University of Mexico

The National Autonomous University of Mexico, or UNAM, is a vital learning institution famous for its main campus, which has been named a World Heritage site. Additionally, since its operation in 1910, it has molded graduates into renowned scientists, artists, and more who have contributed significantly to the world. 

3. Metropolitan Autonomous University

Among the best universities in Mexico for international students is the Metropolitan Autonomous University or UAM, known regionally as the first learning institution to provide programs concentrating in Environmental Engineering. Global learners will surely enjoy its campuses, which offer essential amenities such as medical centers, language and sports facilities, extensive libraries, and more. 

4. National Technological Institute of Mexico

The National Technological Institute of Mexico, or TecNM, is committed to nurturing talented learners through cutting-edge innovations. Aside from a well-established and constantly updated curriculum, TecNM is among the best universities in Mexico for international students, as it provides meaningful events, such as leisure, for the overall welfare of its learners. 

5. University of Guadalajara

Established in 1791, UdeG, or the University of Guadalajara, is perfect for global learners wanting to dive deeper into the country’s colorful culture. It facilitates artistic and cultural events such as dance, visual arts, music, etc. As one of the best universities in Mexico for international students, you can expect an inspiring stay while leveling up your knowledge. 

6. Autonomous University of Sinaloa 

Since its operation in 1873, the Autonomous University of Sinaloa, or UAS, has been one of the major higher education institutions in the country. UAS offers valuable educational programs ranging from arts to agriculture, all guaranteed to develop the best version of yourself professionally.

7. Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon

Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon, or UANL, is one of the most significant learning institutions in the country, offering undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate programs. In addition, UANL is among the best universities in Mexico for international students, known for its essential research in science and technology. 

8. Tecnológico de Monterrey

Tecnológico de Monterrey, founded in 1943, has 31 campuses nationwide, providing academic programs in health sciences, social sciences, business, etc. “Tec de Monterrey’s” goal concentrates on shaping future leaders with forward-thinking and business spirit to contribute significantly to the society.

9. University of Colima

Universidad de Colima, or the University of Colima, offers study fields in social sciences, arts, humanities, health and social sciences, and engineering. Additionally, it collaborates with other global learning institutions for research purposes, cultivating exchange programs and conducting conferences for educational development. 

10. Autonomous University of Yucatán

The Autonomous University of Yucatán, or UADY, is among the best universities in Mexico for international students focusing on Mayan studies, conserving the environment, health research, and sustainable development. In addition, global learners will surely adore its location in the Yucatán peninsula, offering access to significant cultural heritage. 

11. Autonomous University of Baja California

The Autonomous University of Baja California, or UABC, is a public learning institution with major campuses in Tecate, Tijuana, Ensenada, and Mexicali. Aside from providing high-quality education, UABC addresses regional and global concerns through partnerships with other established universities and organizations. Furthermore, UABC’s academic programs are constantly evaluated to meet regional and international standards. 

12. Autonomous University of Nuevo Léon

The Autonomous University of Nuevo León, or UANL, is one of the country’s biggest and most prestigious learning institutions. Students are guaranteed to gain advanced learning courtesy of its 37 research facilities, which 500 qualified researchers manage. Furthermore, it has 360 academic programs, the highest number offered in any college in northeastern Mexico. 

13.Universidad de las Américas Puebla

UDLAP, or the Universidad de las Américas Puebla, has a stunning location near archaeological sites and ancient pyramids. Besides being surrounded by marvelous structures from the past, UDLAP is known for its commendable commitment to internalization and top-quality teaching, proven by its accreditation from the Middle States Commission on Higher Education

14. Autonomous University of Hidalgo State

Among the oldest and best universities in Mexico for international students is the Autonomous University of Hidalgo State or UAEH. Since 1869, it has successfully molded students into various fields, including business administration, humanities, engineering, social sciences, and more. Student life is balanced at UAEH as they enjoy sports and cultural activities throughout the educational year. 

15. Autonomous University of Querétaro

The Autonomous University of Querétaro is a well-respected learning institution famous for its stunning main campus in Cerro de las Campanas. Besides high-quality teaching, it focuses on social responsibility, ensuring its efforts and programs align with improving community life.  

best universities in Mexico for international students

How to enroll at the best universities in Mexico for international students

Beyond Abroad makes applying to your dream Mexican college generally easy and affordable! Apply today and experience a life-changing experience at the best universities in Mexico for international studies!

For further concerns, schedule a free counseling session today, and we gladly assist you. Visit our Student Stories for motivating tales of our past and present learners globally. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to study in Mexico?

Enrolling at Anáhuac University, one of the best universities in Mexico for international students, is surprisingly affordable. You are guaranteed a top-quality education for just 2,490 EUR per semester.

Is Mexico safe for international students?

Generally, Mexico is safe for global learners. For example, studying in Cancun guarantees a secure environment as it is also an in-demand travel destination with sufficient police assistance. 

How can I find student accommodation in Mexico?

Mexico has affordable housing for global learners. Additionally, colleges such as Anáhuac University have a support team that assists enrollees in finding their preferred accommodation

In summary

The best universities in Mexico for international students warmly welcome anyone who wants to experience world-class education while living in a dynamic and culturally rich environment. Aside from mastering your chosen program, you will also expand your global views, be more confident, practice independence, and gain all the benefits of studying overseas!

Plan and prepare for your exciting journey today! Regularly visit our Blog Section to learn more about studying abroad. Finally, besides Mexico, we offer other Latin American destinations like Costa Rica. We also have exciting locations in Asia and Europe!

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