Mexico: International Student Living Costs & Application Tips

Surprisingly, despite being an in-demand study abroad destination, the cost of living in Mexico for international students is exceptionally reasonable, enabling you to have a comfortable life while focusing mainly on your education. 

To help you prepare, we break down the cost of living in Mexico for international students. We also added proven tips on budgeting daily and monthly expenses effectively!

Finally, we will introduce the fastest and most affordable way to study in Mexico in 2024! 

cost of living in Mexico for international students

Why study in Mexico

Before we go over the cost of living in Mexico for international, below are some compelling benefits you can genuinely enjoy in the country!

It is home to some of the best learning institutions globally

The Mexican university system comprises 13 subsystems, including public and private universities, technological universities and institutes, and teacher training learning institutions. International students can choose from over 2,000 colleges offering in-demand courses to help your professional goals! To check the best universities in Mexico for international students, click HERE

– Have a feast and enjoy flavorful Mexican food 

One of the most thrilling privileges of enrolling in the nation is the food! Imagine savoring authentic mouthwatering cuisines like Menudo, Cochinita Pibil, Pozole de Pollo, and more! More importantly, they are generally affordable, helping you budget the cost of living in Mexico for international students

Participate in festivals representing Mexico’s distinct culture

“Fiestas” or festivities represent century-old traditions celebrated annually with deep passion. Some of the best festivals in the nation include Día de Muertos, Independence Day, Carnivals of Mexico, Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe, and Día de la Candelaria. For total immersion, you are free to join these celebrations for the ultimate immersion!

Explore many stimulating places during school breaks

Expect a busy schedule during school breaks as you can visit the best beaches, lively towns and cities, UNESCO World Heritage sites, and more! Some of the best include the Copper Canyon, Chichén Itzá, the Ancient Fortress of Tulum, Guadalajara, Oaxaca, and the Riviera Nayarit. 

Learn the Spanish language effortlessly 

Spanish is among the best languages to learn and is used by 7.5 percent of the world’s population. Conversing using this beautiful language opens many personal and professional opportunities.

Enjoy the advantages of enrolling overseas

Among the many benefits of studying overseas is developing your maturity and independence. Staying in your home country is good, but going outside your comfort zone is better. Also, imagine all the adventures waiting for you in Mexico! 

The daily to monthly expenses are reasonable! 

Compared to other in-demand study abroad locations, the cost of living in Mexico for international students is generally affordable. Although cheaper, you are guaranteed high-quality accommodation, reliable public transportation, and more! Check out our list below for a complete list of your daily and monthly expenses!

The cost of living in Mexico for international students


One-bedroom apartment in the city876.61 EUR
One-bedroom apartment outside the city472.76 EUR
Three-bedroom apartment in the city1,255.73 EUR
Three-bedroom apartment outside the city963.69 EUR

Monthly utilities

Electricity, heating, water, etc.93.39 EUR
Mobile phone with a monthly plan with calls and 10GB+24.02 EUR
60 Mbps or more internet connection at your accommodation27.68 EUR

Grocery items

1.5 liter of bottled water1.13 EUR
One liter of milk1.41 EUR
A loaf of bread2.81 EUR
One kg of rice1.80 EUR
A dozen of eggs3.22 EUR
Local cheese11.30 EUR
One kg of chicken fillet7.68 EUR
One kg of beef9.44 EUR
One kg apple3.33 EUR
One kg banana1.59 EUR
One kg tomato1.93 EUR
One kg onion2.39 EUR
One kg potato2.15 EUR


Monthly pass47.43 EUR
One-way ticket0.65 EUR
Starting rate of a taxi ride3.00 EUR
One liter of gasoline1.30 EUR

Leisure and wellness

Gym membership30.89 EUR
Cinema ticket4.50 EUR
Three-course meal for two at an inexpensive restaurant48.00 EUR
McDonald’s combo meal9.31 EUR
Cappuccino3.82 EUR
0.5-liter local beer3.00 EUR
.33 liter imported beer4.91 EUR
.33 liter Coke or Pepsi1.76 EUR


A pair of midrange rubber shoes86.44 EUR
Leather shoes104.48 EUR
Jeans51.85 EUR

Tips to budget the cost of living in Mexico for international students

  • Opt for shared housing with your friends and other global learners to reduce expenses. Join Facebook groups and post the details of your preference. On the other hand, if you stay in the country briefly, contact guest houses, Airbnb, and hostels, as they may offer lower rates.
  • Practice your cooking skills before leaving to study abroad, as eating out daily will be costly. Not only will it lessen the cost of living in Mexico for international students, but preparing it ensures the right flavor is achieved based on your preference.
  • Take advantage of the city’s efficient and inexpensive public transportation, such as trolleybuses and Metrobús rapid transit lines. If you want gorgeous locations and study in Cancun, purchase a used bicycle from local shops. Aside from saving Mexican pesos, cycling is a fun way to explore unreachable areas!
  • Always bring your valid student card to get discounts on your purchases. You can also download an International Student Identity Card or ISIC and enjoy 15% to 20% deals from hotels to restaurants.  
cost of living in Mexico for international students

Summing it up

The cost of living in Mexico for international students is highly applicable for those under a budget but looking for a location where they can upgrade in every way possible! 

Apply now for a thrilling semester or year abroad to enjoy a life-changing experience in one of the most breathtaking places worldwide!

For further concerns, book a free counseling session today, and our professional team will assist with all your queries. Aside from Mexico, we offer other exciting locations such as South Korea (Seoul or Busan), Japan, Costa Rica, Bali, and more. Visit our destination page to learn more!

Finally, regularly visit our Blog Section for fresh updates about studying abroad!

cost of living in Mexico for international students

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