Student Accommodation in Portugal in 2024: Private, sharing, or homestays?

With the recent increase in prices of student accommodation in Portugal, those planning to enroll might think twice and look for other destinations. With this, we collected valuable information on how to look for the best places in the country that fit your budget, desired location, and more. 

We also included the best reasons to enroll in the nation, types of student accommodation in Portugal, plus proven tips.

Furthermore, we included the best online platforms to find housing in the region and the easiest and fastest way to enroll in universities in the country for international students.

Why study in Portugal?

The growing demand for student accommodation in Portugal demonstrates how Europe’s picturesque region is consistently rising as one of the most sought-after locations. Aside from having top learning institutions, here are some of the best reasons to enroll in the country:

  • Portugal has one of the continent’s most reasonably priced cost of living for international students
  • Expect a pleasant community in your student accommodation in Portugal and other areas of the country.
  • Enjoy relaxing and continental weather that typically ranges from 78 to 84 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on the season.
  • Receive the utmost security in your student accommodation in Portugal and other places, as it is the sixth-safest nation globally.
  • Live and study in a beautiful country known for its unique architecture, majestic sceneries, and hospitable locals.

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Types of Student Accommodation in Portugal

After the benefits, let us introduce the types of student accommodation in Portugal and their pros and cons.

1. Student residences

Portuguese learning institutions provide single or shared rooms to international students. It comes with a common bathroom, kitchen, and dedicated study areas.


– Conveniently located near your chosen university

– It has a fun and welcoming community of students from all over the world

– Enjoy complete amenities where you can study, relax, and interact with your neighbors


– You must follow specific rules and regulations

– Due to the number of students, it may be noisy and crowded sometimes

– It may be pricier compared to other student accommodations in Portugal

2. Private accommodation

Private housing is a popular student accommodation in Portugal, offered by rental companies and lessors. You can choose from studios, shared homes, or apartments with privacy and personal space to rest and study. 


– Many options to choose from

– Private accommodation is more affordable compared to student residences.

– You can study and rest quietly


– Finding one near your university may be challenging

– Most private student accommodation in Portugal is located far from campuses

– You may have less access to student amenities like libraries for research, a gym for physical fitness, etc

3. Homestays

Homestays are suggested to those under a budget because it is the cheapest student accommodation in Portugal. Generally, you will also experience total immersion as you can live with a local family and learn about the country’s colorful traditions. 


– Enjoy authentic homecooked meals

– Pleasant interaction with your Portuguese family

– Expand your perspective in the country


– You need to follow the rules and regulations set by the family

– May be challenging for students with a specific diet

– You may have less privacy 

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Tips to find the best student accommodation in Portugal

Once you decide what suits you best, here are some suggestions for finding the most suitable student accommodation in Portugal:

Firstly, look for housing months before you arrive in the country. The best student accommodation in Portugal is off the market quickly, so start your search early. 

Next, remember that aside from rent, you must also set a budget for food and other necessities. Thus, find housing that goes well with your allowance. Moreover, always set aside an allocation for emergencies and unexpected expenses. 

In addition, read online reviews to check if your needs are provided in the housing. You may also join social media groups and ask for experiences of past and current boarders.

Also, consider the location of your accommodation and ensure that it is near and easily accessible to your university. If you can’t find a closer housing, ensure the area has reliable transportation. 

Finally, always be adaptable if you don’t get your preferred housing. Though you didn’t get your dream student accommodation in Portugal, be grateful to be in the country while upgrading your education.

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Where to look for student accommodation in Portugal?

Aside from your university and suggestions from reliable social media groups, ads, and pages, you may specifically look for student accommodation in Portugal using the following online platforms:


If you prefer private rooms near universities, go to Houzestudent’s website, which offers locations in Lisbon, Costa da Caparica, and Cascais. They offer reasonably priced rooms that include utilities, wifi and TV, cleaning services, repairs, and liability insurance.   


Aside from global learners, Uniplaces also provides services to digital nomads, young professionals, and families looking for accommodations in any area in Portugal. They promise a secure and quick process that can fit every budget. 

Student Room Flat

Student Room Flat is one of the best platforms for finding affordable flat-sharing student accommodation in Portugal. Aside from providing safe and easy communication between the host and renter, it also ensures an honest description of the housing.  

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In a nutshell

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