Top 5 beaches you shouldn’t miss in Sardinia

These are our 5 favourite beaches and bays you have to see when being in Sardinia

Sardinia, the second-largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, is not only a popular holiday destination but also a great choice for anexchange semester! Combine studying at the University of Cagliari, one of the oldest Universities in the world, with exploring the island life in your free time. It is no surprise that Sardinia is also called “The Caribbean of the Mediterranean Sea”. The turquoise water and breath-taking beaches call for road trips around the island and long beach days. There are many bays and beaches to explore all around the island. Here is a selection of the most beautiful ones located along the coastline.

pink flamingo
Spot flamingos in the lagoon during spring and autumn

1. Costa Rei

In the South, close to Cagliari, you will find a paradise for surfer, diver and anyone who loves beaches. Costa Rei stretches from Capo Ferrato in the North to Punta di San Giusto in the South. Besides surfing and diving, you can go for a long relaxing walk along the coast, as Costa Rei consists of several beaches with crystal-clear turquoise water and white sand. All together, they are nearly 8 kilometres long. In the lagoon, right behind the beach, you can observe pink Flamingos during spring and autumn.

2. Costa Smeralda

The most famous place in Sardinia is the Costa Smeralda in the North of the Italian island paradise. It is a collection of various beaches in one of the most prosperous areas of Italy. It’s no surprise that it is a beloved celebrity hotspot! Even though prices might be a little bit higher, the Costa Smeralda is a must. Stroll along the impressive beaches, enjoy good food, visit the remarkable Porto Cervo Marina and look out for celebrities!

sandy beach in sardinia
Sardinia has many small bays and beaches that are perfect to relax!

3. Spiaggia di Is Arutas

If you are looking for more quiet beaches, the West of Sardinia will be the perfect place for you! It is less touristic but still offers stunning beaches like Spiaggia di Is Arutas. Located on the Sinis peninsula, the beach is known for its colourful coarse quartz sand, which has beautiful light pastel tones from white to light green or pink. Moreover, Spiaggia di Is Arutas is a great surf spot with deep water and fun waves. If you like dogs, this beach might be your spot.


4. Cala Luna

Cala Luna is one of the best examples, why you should not miss the East of Sardinia. The small bay, at the Golf of Orosei, is characterized by marvellous caves in the rocks. You can reach the beach by boat or hike from the parking spot. It will be worth it. Do not forget to bring your snorkelling gear!

peninsula in sardinia, La Maddalena
La Maddalena is an archipelago worth exploring!

5. La Maddalena Archipel

The last highlight is the La Maddalena Archipel in the Tyrrhenian Sea. It lies in front of the northeast coast of Sardinia. If you study in Sardinia, you have to take a boat tour to experience the archipelago with its 62 islands! Most trips to the national park start from Palau, but there are some other options as well.The ocean with its unbelievable shades of blue leaves visitors speechless. And the magnificent underwater world invites you to go snorkelling.

The islands show a variety of landscape and coastlines. One very unique place is the pink beach from Isola Budelli. Fragments of a microorganism called Miniacina are responsible for the pink colour of the sand. However, it is not allowed to enter the beach or go swimming to preserve this magical place. But the view itself is an experience on its own! The bay of Cala Santa Maria is perfect to anchor and spend the day on a boat! Jump into the water, go for a swim, and watch the fishes while snorkelling. Just remember to bring sunscreen and drinks!

boy snorkeling crystal clear water
The crystal clear water of Sardinia’s beaches is perfect for snorkeling

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