Carbon offset

Let's work together to make the world a better place while reducing your carbon impact.

Students travel extensively, particularly when studying abroad. We at Asia Exchange believe it is our obligation to protect the environment, live a sustainable lifestyle, and reduce each of our students’ carbon footprint.

What exactly is a "carbon footprint"?

Your carbon footprint is the environmental imprint that all of your actions, including studying abroad, leave behind. We wish to lessen the impact of our students’ carbon dioxide emissions, as well as the impact of studying abroad in general. Carbon dioxide emissions are the primary driver of climate change, therefore reducing our carbon footprint whenever possible is critical.

Supporting a carbon offsetting project is the best method to minimize your carbon impact. These contributions are frequently regarded as donations and are crucial financial tools for emission reduction programs around the world. To achieve our goal of making the world a better place, we’ve partnered with Atmosfair, which has chosen carbon offset projects for funding and assists us in making our efforts as simple as possible.

In general, Atmosfair-funded projects cut carbon dioxide emissions. The minds behind these projects are grateful for Atmmosfair’s efforts to finance and support their projects.

There are thousands of carbon reduction projects out there, and even tiny modifications to existing habits, whether it’s sustainable energy, reduced water usage, or filter systems, can have a tremendous influence in the future.
We at Asia Exchange believe in sustainability and support these projects all over the world. Let us band together to support environmental protection activities.

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What is a carbon offset

How do carbon reductions happen?

Emission reduction initiatives have traditionally aimed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by catching and eliminating greenhouse gases that would otherwise be discharged into the atmosphere. Other projects generate energy from clean, renewable resources, removing the need to use fossil fuels to do so. The third set of projects aims to capture and store greenhouse gases in order to prevent their escape into the environment. Projects frequently use one or more of these approaches.

Our accountability?

We at Asia Exchange have decided to reward our students for their efforts to reduce their carbon impact while studying overseas.

This means that throughout the application process, each student can choose to donate to carbon offset programs. Asia Exchange will then match your donation (up to 50€) and give additional funds.
For example, if you opt to pay 50€ to offset your carbon footprint, Asia Exchange will match your donation with another 50€, totaling 100€.

During your semester abroad, you will obtain an official certificate recognizing your environmental contribution.

Atmosfair supports what kinds of carbon offset projects?