How to get scholarships?

Study Abroad Scholarships

Best Scholarships for study abroad semester

A scholarship is a financial aid given to a student to further the student’s education. Scholarships are awarded based on various criteria that usually reflect the values and purposes of the donor or founder of the award.

Should I even apply?

There are countless scholarships available and a few days of work can result in a free study abroad semester.

If you wish to study abroad for a semester, it is recommended that you first approach your educational institution. Your home university or college will be able to tell you more about the scholarships they offer and how to apply. Your status as an exchange student is ‘free mover’ so please note that free movers might be entitled to different scholarships than students studying abroad through the universities’ own agreements and networks.

Several governmental and non-governmental bodies, including educational charities, provide financial assistance to a range of students seeking education overseas. You can also approach commercial and industrial companies in the fields related to your specialization.

There might be scholarships, grants and student loans provided by your local government as well. Inquire about the different options from the Ministry of Education in your own country.

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Student Experiences

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