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How to travel to and in our destinations?

Traveling to your study destination and back

We recommend you arrive at the study abroad destination approximately a week before the start of the semester. It will help you get the most out of your orientation and the first days of classes because you have had time to recover from jet lag. Please note that you must apply for a student visa before the semester starts. For this reason, we do not recommend you travel to the destination earlier than 1 week before the start of the semester. Read more about:

General tips on traveling

Some students travel several weeks before the start of the study program to go backpacking and do not have time to apply for visas at home. You can in some cases apply for a visa from another country’s embassy – but keep in mind that it is not always possible to apply for a student visa from anywhere else except your home country. It is recommended to travel after the semester rather than before the semester start.

If you want to travel after the semester and do not know your returning date, ask your travel agency what their policies and fees are for changing a return date on an airline ticket, or buying a ticket with an open return date.

You can book your flights after you have received the initial acceptance letter from Beyond Abroad.

Traveling to most of our destinations is very affordable.

Get to know the public transportation system even though taxis are cheap. It is not only ecological but also the most economical form of transportation.


Let the students speak! You can read interviews with our students, see their reports or check out their blogs for helpful tips for your own semester abroad. Below you can also find videos and testimonials.