Is studying abroad for me?

Is studying abroad for me?

Studying abroad is one of the best opportunities to gain life experience within a short amount of time. If you ask anyone who has studied abroad if they ever regretted their decision, you will most likely receive a clear ‘No!’ as an answer. Often, students are unsure in the beginning if they should leave their comfort zone and study abroad. Feeling overwhelmed and scared to make this big step is absolutely normal. However, we encourage everyone to do it.

Personal development requires stepping outside of your comfort zone. You will acquire confidence, intercultural communication skills, and language skills by studying abroad. Studying at one of our top-ranked colleges combines the benefits of travel with significant educational experience.

Aside from personal growth, you will build a worldwide network and develop vital skills for the twenty-first-century labour market. Globalization and multiculturalism have become a crucial component of business and organizational life in recent years. Employers are continuously on the lookout for individuals who are globally competent and culturally aware.

All in all, you can only win by studying abroad. Even the challenges and downsides of your study abroad experience will be valuable life lessons learned.  If you want to boost your career chances and want to grow personally, studying abroad is the best decision you can make. Check out Beyond Abroad’s alumni experiences to find out more about how it is to study abroad or to get in contact with our former exchange students.

Sarah Volpers, GERMANY
Actually, I never thought about going abroad for a semester, but when a friend of mine decided to go to Bali for a semester abroad and asked me to join, I couldn’t say no. I will never regret that decision and will be forever thankful that she convinced me to go to Bali.

If you want to study abroad with Beyond Abroad, you need to fulfil some general requirements.

Participation criteria:
  • A high school diploma or similar certificate
  • You must be at least 18 years old at the time of your application
  • You need sufficient English skills to understand the lectures (taking a TOEFL language proficiency test is not required unless separately requested)
Additional criteria:
  • You must have adequate funds to cover all essential costs, including the application fee, tuition fee, visa, flights, lodging, and other living expenses, in order to study abroad. For more information about supporting your studies with scholarship funding, click here.

Student Experiences

Let the students speak! You can read interviews with our students, see their reports or check out their blogs for helpful tips for your own semester abroad. Below you can also find videos and testimonials.

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