Beyond Abroad is now part of Keystone Education Group

We are excited to announce that the story of Beyond Abroad now continues as part of the Keystone family. This acquisition “We are proud and humbled to be able to join a global powerhouse in the field of international education, especially one with roots in the Nordics,” says Harri Suominen, co-founder and President of Beyond Abroad and Asia Exchange.

CEO of Keystone Education Group Fredrik Högemark said “Last year, 120 million students used Keystone as part of their study search journey, and over 70,000 directly enrolled into a program through our services. With the help of Beyond Abroad, we expect to support thousands more in 2024 and beyond.” 

This is also a turning point for Beyond Abroad and Asia Exchange that will enable reaching more students with our full degree- and study abroad program -portfolio. Additionally, we will be able to enhance our presence in new and existing countries to help even more students abroad.   

“Being a part of Beyond Abroad’s journey for almost 10 years and through this acquisition by Keystone Education Group fills me with an overwhelming sense of excitement and emotion. It’s not just about the expansion of our reach or the growth of our organization; it’s about the countless opportunities this partnership brings for students worldwide. Together, we’re not just shaping futures; we’re creating experiences that will last a lifetime, and that’s what truly inspires me.” said Hannes Borgwardt, COO of Beyond Abroad and Asia Exchange.   

“This partnership will bring Keystone and Beyond Abroad to new heights, and we believe we can make an even bigger impact for thousands of students together”, added Beyond Abroad and Asia Exchange Managing Director Joonas Salo

Keystone is committed to preserving Beyond Abroad’s legacy of providing accessible international education opportunities. Beyond Abroad will join Keystone’s network of student recruitment agencies within the Keystone Study Abroad division, including Blueberry and Study Outside Norway (SONOR).  

“Our motto has been “the further you go, the more you grow”, but sometimes you need to look closer. You might find something beautiful right in front of your eyes. With this partnership with our close neighbour, we hope to enable even more students abroad”, Harri summarizes the acquisition. 


Asia Exchange was founded in 2007 after the two co-founders Harri Suominen and Tuomas Kauppinen had life-changing experiences abroad in China. The goal was to streamline freemover student mobility to Asia for Finnish students with the guiding principles of affordability and accessibility to study opportunities abroad. What started out as a serious hobby, quickly grew to a fun business which enabled students abroad from all over the world. In the years to come, we became widely known as the Asia authority of study abroad among international higher education institutions and students globally. 

In 2020 however, the world turned upside down due to the pandemic. The two founders were left with a choice, either leave a note on the office door saying “We will be back if the pandemic ends” or turn the challenges the pandemic presented into opportunities. This ended up being the perfect time for the organization to go global and thanks to the pandemic Asia Exchange diversified it’s program portfolio to include Europe and the Americas by founding Beyond Abroad.  

Today, Asia Exchange and Beyond Abroad are Europe’s biggest study abroad provider focusing on university students. Asia Exchange’s established presence in Asia and its unique model enabling affordable mobility will bring Keystone advantages in its Study Abroad division.