Cost of living in Paris for international students 2024, plus the easiest way to apply in the City of Lights!

Here is a complete list of the cost of living in Paris for international students in 2024!

The “City of Lights” is a charming destination offering inspiring architecture, delectable food, a multicultural environment, and more. If you plan to upgrade your education this year in one of the most in-demand European tourist destinations, we made an updated list of the cost of living in Paris for international students in 2024!  

Aside from presenting the living expenses, we will also teach you how to lessen living expenses plus the most affordable way to study in the city!

Cost of living in Paris for International Students

Why study in Paris?

Before we break down the cost of living in Paris for international students, below are the advantages of enrolling in one of Europe’s stunning locations!

Live and study in a dynamic and indeed international city

Paris consistently ranks as one of the best metropolises annually. The Economist Intelligence Unit’s Global Liveability Index, QS Best Student Cities, etc., include the city as one of the best. With this, expect a pleasing and productive stay while gaining proficiency in your future profession. 

Access to acclaimed Parisian cuisine

A thrilling culinary adventure awaits you in the City of Lights! You will surely enjoy everything, from freshly baked goodies to mouthwatering dishes! Paris also has some of the best restaurants known for their impressive menus!

Entrance to other exciting European getaways

Paris’ location is ideal for exploring other areas, such as Portugal, Italy, Denmark, etc. This privilege allows you to explore and have satisfying immersions during your adventure!

Learn French naturally

French is one of the most important languages to master, as two hundred million speakers use it on five continents. It is also the 6th most spoken language globally, making learning French ideal for career and personal advancement. 

Experience world-class education

Paris is home to some of the finest learning institutions worldwide. One of the best is the ESME School of Engineering, known for its impressive and updated programs for international students. 

To further understand the benefits of enrolling in Paris for international students, click HERE.

The cost of living in Paris for international students

After the impressive reasons for living and studying in Paris, below are the daily to monthly expenses courtesy of


One-bedroom apartment in the city1,439.47 EUR
One-bedroom apartment outside the city958.38 EUR
Three-bedroom apartment in the city3,023.15 EUR
Three-bedroom apartment outside the city2,154.81 EUR

Monthly utilities

Electricity, heating, water, etc.210.44 EUR
Mobile phone with a monthly plan with calls and 10GB+18.72 EUR
60 Mbps or more internet connection at your accommodation30.87 EUR

Grocery items

1.5 liter of bottled water0.88 EUR
One liter of milk1.44 EUR
A loaf of bread1.85 EUR
One kg of rice2.25 EUR
A dozen eggs4.53 EUR
Local cheese20.09 EUR
One kg of chicken fillet14.08 EUR
One kg of beef22.75 EUR
One kg apple3.45 EUR
One kg banana2.34 EUR
One kg tomato4.06 EUR
One kg onion2.44 EUR
One kg potato2.22 EUR


Monthly pass84.35 EUR
One-way ticket2.10 EUR
The starting rate of a taxi ride6.00 EUR
One liter of gasoline1.88 EUR

Leisure and wellness

Gym membership37.74 EUR
Cinema ticket13.00 EUR
Three-course meal for two at an inexpensive restaurant18.00 EUR
McDonald’s combo meal12.00 EUR
Cappuccino4.24 EUR
0.5-liter local beer7.00 EUR
.33 liter imported beer7.00 EUR
.33 liter Coke or Pepsi3.33 EUR


A pair of midrange rubber shoes99.10 EUR
Leather shoes134.75 EUR
Jeans94.09 EUR

How to budget the cost of living in Paris for international students


  • Share accommodation with other global learners to lessen your rent expenses. You may visit student housing providers such as Campuséa, Les Estudines, Arpej, Erasmus Play, and HousingAnywhere.


  • Cooking meals is advisable to lessen the cost of living in Paris for international students. Before arriving in the country, research the nearest groceries and markets and compare prices to get the best deals
  • Dine at Crous cafeterias, which offer discounted meals for global learners. It provides many healthy meals to nourish you physically and mentally while studying. 


  • Using a Navigo pass is highly useful as it lessens the monthly cost of studying in Paris for international students. You can choose from Imagine R (discounted student pass) or the regular pass, which are equally convenient and reasonably priced.
  • Renting a bike is popular to go around the city. You may use Vélib and lease a mechanical or electric bike for a couple of hours or the whole day. 
  • Walking is another way to lessen the cost of studying in Paris for international students. The city has efficient pedestrian lanes and stunning views to enjoy daily. Downloading Google Maps is highly efficient for navigating Paris. 

Work while studying

  • Look for a part-time job to reduce the cost of living in Paris for international students. Popular work available includes positions in the service industry, language and teaching, freelancing, etc. 

Student Discounts

  • Always bring your International Student Identification Card (ISIC), as it provides discounts on cinemas, museums, and other attractions. Also, restaurants like Hard Rock Cafe, Classico Argentino, and more offer valuable deals to global learners. Visit the ISIC website to learn more about this privilege. 

Thrift shopping

  • Buying at thrift stores or “friperies” also helps with the cost of living in Paris for international students. You are guaranteed to find excellent clothing and homeware deals that are affordable.

Use Mobile Apps

  • Track your budget by downloading useful apps such as BilletReduc (helps find discounts for cultural events), Too Good To Go (connects users with restaurants selling perfectly good leftovers, PocketGuard, and YNAB (You Need a Budget).

How to study in Paris for international students

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In a nutshell

Preparation and planning are effective in budgeting the cost of living in Paris for international students. Focus on your goal and imagine the rewards after finishing a degree and the opportunities waiting! 

Visit our Blog Section to learn more about studying overseas. You may also go to our Student Stories to read valuable content from our former and present global learners. You may also Ask Former Students for helpful advice on how to budget the cost of living in Paris for international students. 

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