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Study abroad with local and international students in Costa Rica, learning in one of the leading private universities in Central America. Combine academic and Spanish lessons with exploring Costa Rica’s amazing natural sites. The adventure awaits you in one of the happiest countries in the world!

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Study at one of the most attractive destination in Latin America, Cuba. Gain international experience, boost your career and dive deep into Cuba’s culture in the mind-blowing study abroad program of Cienfuegos University!

Study in Cancun at Anáhuac Cancun University with Beyond Abroad


Learn in one of Mexico’s best private colleges while studying with local and foreign students. Take advantage of the opportunity to visit Cancun, Mexico’s most popular tourist resort. The Caribbean Sea is just in front of Cancun and Anáhuac University.

“Eight percent of our GDP is invested in education because we don’t have to spend on the army. So our strength is human talent, human wellbeing.”

Carlos Alvarado Quesada, President of Costa Rica



Study abroad with local and international students, combine academic and language lessons with exploring amazing natural sites. Meet with students from all over the world and get a new direction for your future. You can join the programs for one or two semesters. The adventure awaits you! You want to know more about studying abroad?

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Easy application process
Just fill out the online application form and submit it with a few attachments.
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Acceptance even in one day
Your study placement can be confirmed as quickly as in a day.
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Secure study place
Once you get the confirmation, it is a done deal!
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Most affordable tuition fees
Tuition fees start from 1990 EUR
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Get all the support you need
Our team helps you get the most out of your abroad experience
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Apply easily with friends or in groups
Share your adventures and exchange your world


We strive to make studying abroad as straightforward and cost-effective as possible. This is because we believe that studying abroad is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that will change your life forever. One of the most beneficial things you can do for your personal and professional development is to study abroad. Our study abroad experiences have influenced our jobs and life trajectories in good ways. We feel it can benefit everyone in the same way.

Boost your career
Boost your career by studying in Europe, home to some of the best universities worldwide

Develop a fantastic international network while meeting aspiring professionals from all around the world

Easiest application process
Enjoy the easiest possible application process and have the full support of the Beyond Abroad team before during and after your journey with us



We want to invite you to look and download the Beyond Abroad Guide for your destination below. Inside the Guide, you will find plenty of information about travel, visas, accommodation, studies and general living at your destination. We will send you the guide via e-mail as well.

  • San Jose, Costa Rica

We recommend you contact the embassy in your home country for the most up to date information since visa regulations change frequently and often without prior notice. Applying for a visa is different from country to country, sometimes even from one official to another. Beyond Abroad recommends that students take care of the visa well before departing for the destination.

Check the latest updates about applying for visas, the required documents, as well as the opening hours of the embassy’s website or by calling the embassy directly. Embassies are open according to the public holidays of the country they represent, as well as the holiday of the country where they are located.

Costa Rica

Many nations including European citizens are entitled to travel to Costa Rica for 90 days as a tourist without a visa. This is recommended for students studying in Costa Rica for one semester as it might take longer than 6 months to finalize the student visa procedure in Costa Rica.

Our experienced student support staff understands that each student has different housing needs. With an accent on the experience, we work with students to consider several living options that provide multicultural social experiences, familiar comforts, independence, or anything in between.

Airbnb is a popular option. There are many offers for month-long rental contracts for private rooms or 1-bedroom apartments. Moreover, we suggest checking out student Facebook groups. Many international students are looking for long-term accommodation or a roommate there.

Read more about the accommodation in the specific university pages.

Student Experiences

Let the students speak! You can read interviews with our students, see their reports or check out their blogs for helpful tips for your own semester abroad. Below you can also find videos and testimonials.

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