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Your study placement can be confirmed as quickly as in day.
Your study placement can be confirmed as quickly as in day.
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Our team helps you get the most out of your time abroad
Share life-changing experiences together

Are you a university student or have you recently finished high school? Do you want to travel and grow academically at the same time?

Then you should study abroad at the leading private university in Costa Rica and experience the “Pura Vida” lifestyle! Combine your studies and Spanish lessons with exploring Costa Rica’s amazing natural sites. Apply now for 1 or 2 semesters and get accepted even within 24 hours! The adventure awaits you in one of the happiest countries in the world!

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Don’t be scared and just do it! We are not regretting it at all. We are having the time of our life even though it is COVID-19. So, do it, you won’t regret it!


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Spring (January – April)
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Autumn (September - December)
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24 ECTS / 12 US credits per trimester
2,190 EUR / Semester + 75 EUR application fee
Program Content
Project-based learning
Study Fields
Economics, Business Management, Latin American culture and history, International Relations, Political Science, Social Sciences, Humanities and Spanish language

Latin American University of science and technology

Leading bilingual university in Cosa Rica

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The ideal destination for both a semester abroad and a gap year, with high-quality education and unlimited travel opportunities!

Beautiful tropical beaches, epic adventures, natural wonders, and enthralling culture are all available in Costa Rica, making it an ideal location for activities outside of the classroom. Study in Costa Rica with local and international students at one of the country’s most prestigious private universities. Combining academic and Spanish lessons with visiting Costa Rica’s incredible natural wonders is a winning combination.

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Program Highlights

  • Study in the best private university of Costa Rica with highly competent professionals and innovative teaching methods
  • Expand your knowledge with a range of interesting courses from many different study fields
  • Live in one of the happiest countries of the world and experience the worry-free lifestyle of Costa Ricans called “Pura Vida”
  • Explore the endless travel opportunities – all the adventure in a short distance from the capital
  • Improve your language skills and learn Spanish with the locals
  • Enjoy the easiest possible application process and have the full support of Beyond Abroad team during your program

Study Matters


The Latin American University of Science and Technology – ULACIT – is ranked as the best private university in Costa Rica for ten consecutive years (2011-2021) in the QS rankings. It is also one of the global campuses of the University of Arizona. The teaching strategies in ULACIT are project-based, with no traditional exams. Learning is based on, research, case studies, problem-solving and service-learning experiences, under the Teaching for Understanding (TfU) framework, developed by Harvard University’s Project Zero.

Who is this program for?

  • You are a university student or have recently finished high school.
  • You want to study abroad and gain a better understanding of global topics combined with a unique life experience.
  • You want to improve your language skills and learn Spanish.
  • You enjoy a tropical climate and want to explore the incredibly diverse nature of Costa Rica in your free time
  • You want to make new international friends and build a career-benefiting multicultural network.



ULACIT works with the US credit system. Each academic course covers 45 contact hours per season (1 lesson each week, for 15 weeks), representing 6 ECTS or 3US credits, per course.

You may choose up to five courses, which amounts to a maximum of 30 ECTS. ULACIT works annually, with three 15-week academic periods (Spring, Summer and Fall), with two-week sessions in between. By enrolling in ULACIT, you can cover more credits within a year.

To apply, you need to have at least

  • A minimum age of 18 years
  • A high school diploma or similar certificate.
  • You are not required to be enrolled at an institution of higher education.

A scanned copy of the identification page of your passport. Please note that the passport must be valid 6 months after the semester end.

An official transcript of records, or if you are not currently enrolled at an institution of higher education, a copy of your high school diploma. This should preferably be submitted in English, but we also accept these documents in German, French, and Spanish.

Apply to study abroad at ULACIT

Get the required documents (see list below)

Fill out and submit the online application form together with the required documents

You’ll get a confirmation of your study placement within one week, at best as quickly as in one day.

  • When you apply for two semesters: 100 EUR discount on the second semester
  • Get access to comprehensive information materials such as a Beyond Abroad Guide and an interactive orientation webinar after you apply


  • Scan all the required documents (1–2) to your computer.
  • Finally, fill out the online application form below and submit it with all the documents.

Uploading and submitting the attachments

  • Please upload the attachments in PDF format.
  • If possible, please submit all the attachments together with the application. If you are missing some attachment(s) when you first apply, you can send the missing document(s) later.  However, please note that we will not process applications without any attachments whatsoever.
  • All attachments must be sent to us by the application deadline at the very latest, preferably as soon as possible.
  • You can submit all the documents electronically. Please do not send anything via regular mail.
  • There is a late application fee for applications or attachments submitted after the application deadline.


You will get a confirmation of your study placement in 1-7 days, starting from the day your application is complete with all the required documents.


The application fee invoice will be sent to you soon after the initial acceptance letter. This fee will be due within 10 days of receiving your confirmation. The application fee is non-refundable even if you decide to cancel (see below).


If you are unable to participate in the study abroad semester, you have the right to cancel your participation up to 1 month before the semester starts with no extra cost (the application fee will not be refunded, however). Let us know about your cancellation by writing us an email at info[at] Cancellations notified via phone, SMS, or by any other means will not be considered. For more detailed information on our cancellation policy, please see the terms and conditions for cancellation. We also reserve the right to cancel your participation if any of your fees becomes overdue.

Travel insurance

You are required to have a valid accident and health insurance from your home country for the whole duration of the program. The university may request a copy of the insurance certificate at the beginning of the semester.

The Latin American University of Science and Technology -ULACIT- is an innovative, and entrepreneurial university. ULACIT strives to prepare its students for leadership positions in science, technology, and other fields of human endeavour, with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes they will require to serve the world in the 21st century. At ULACIT, positive social coexistence and interpersonal relationships are promoted, as well as the establishment of contact networks, always within an area of respect and appreciation of the cultural, political, ideological, religious, ethnic and identity diversity of gender, among others.

Campus and facilities

ULACIT makes its top-of-the-line facilities available to all international students, including access to fully equipped computer labs, use of high-tech multimedia equipment, cafeteria and student lounge areas, library, printing and copy center, our student health center, and on-campus wireless connection.


ULACIT has its campus in central San José, the capital of Costa Rica. The exact location is 800 meters north of the Central Park of San José, or 150 meters south of the newspaper La República, in the Tournón neighborhood. It is in the banking district of San José, just 20 kilometers (20 minutes) from the Juan Santamaría International Airport. The Center for Innovation and Technology Transfer is in Escazú, Plaza Tempo.


Campus Pictures



Q: How do I select my courses?

A: We will send you a pre-course enrolment form along with a list of courses being offered approximately one month before your semester starts.

Q: Are the courses organized and taught in English?

A: Yes, ULACIT offering of courses taught in the English language is ample: 68 courses taught regularly 100% in the English language at ULACIT San José campus in the fields of Liberal Arts, Business Management, Economics, Accounting, Marketing, International Trade, Finance, Political Science, International Relations and Latin American Studies.

Q: Can I enrol in courses taught in Spanish?

A: Yes, you can, please notify us if you’d like to enroll in courses taught in Spanish.

Q: Do I need to have any language certificate?

A: There is no English language certificate required. However, if you’d like to enroll in courses taught in Spanish, you have to submit a minimum of B1 Certificate of Spanish Language Proficiency.

Q: What is the required course attendance?

A: The official course attendance requirement is 85%. Students who have 3 absences will fail the course.

Q: When do exams take place?

A: Exams are included in the semester dates, and they take place in the middle and at the end of the semester. We will send you a class schedule along with semester dates in it one month before your semester starts.

Q: What type of VISA do I need to have to study abroad in Costa Rica?

A: We recommend students enter Costa Rica with a Tourist VISA.

  • For this migratory status, no previous process is required, the tourist visa is automatically issued by Migration Authorities for any international traveler entering the country by land or air.
  • Visitors to Costa Rica must have a valid passport as well as proof of their intent to exit the country before their visa or entry stamp expires. All non-resident travelers must possess a return ticket or a ticket as proof of when they intend to exit the country, commonly referred to as an outbound exit or onward ticket.
  • So, either a dated or open-ended return ticket for an international flight or bus transfer service is needed when entering Costa Rica. The immigration officer will ask for it upon your arrival.
  • The departure plans from Costa Rica must be shown to Migration Authorities at the airport with a return ticket, but that the ticket can be open-ended, so incoming exchange students need a return ticket but not necessarily with a set return date.
  • Once in Costa Rica to maintain their legal migratory status after 90 days students can either exit any land border (a quick weekend trip to Panama o Nicaragua) to renew their tourist visa or request a student visa through ULACITs migration lawyer with a cost of $200 which will automatically suspend the expiration of their 90-day tourist visa until Migratory Authorities process their student visa request which takes over 6 months in average. This is a common practice for short-term exchange students and would be sufficient to maintain their legal migratory status while the short-term exchange student completes their 115-day academic period stay.

Q: What type of accommodation options are available?

A: ULACIT’s central campus does not offer traditional student residence (on-campus dorms). Exchange students are expected to live with a local host family (Homestay Program).

You can live in San José at one of the accommodation options provided by ULACIT or choose to find accommodation independently. ULACIT will contact the students to ask about their accommodation choice about 1-2 months before the semester start and provide more information about the accommodation options.

  1. Host Family:
    Living with a local host family is the perfect way to immerse yourself in the local culture and practice your Spanish. Costa Ricans are famous for their friendliness and warmly welcome you as part of the family. The host families are carefully selected and have been cooperating with ULACIT for years. All the selected families live in the capital area, in a convenient location from the university. The monthly cost is 772 USD, including meals.Each home has been carefully selected by ULACIT program administrators to ensure comfort and safety for international students. To obtain a homestay application form or to inquire about housing at ULACIT, please contact:

You can live in San José at one of the accommodation options provided by ULACIT or choose to find accommodation independently. ULACIT will contact the students to ask about their accommodation choice about 1-2 months before the semester start and provide more information about the accommodation options.

Q: How can I get to the campus?

A: Students may rent a car in Costa Rica if they have an international driving license. Regular cabs are accessible in San Jose, however, we recommend you download the UBER taxi application to your phone. It’s the safest, cheapest and easiest way to travel in San Jose.

Q: Do I need insurance?

A: Yes, all international students coming to ULACIT are required to purchase an international student health insurance plan with coverage in Costa Rica (no student will be accepted without it). Students must present a copy of their international health insurance ID card or written verification of coverage to be admitted and send a copy of this form for our records.

International Health Insurance Coverage must meet three essential requirements: cover medical expenses generated by the COVID-19 disease, hospital admission fees for the required duration, and minimum coverage of 14 days for accommodation expenses in case of delivery of a medical isolation order. If you choose this modality, you must have a certificate in English or Spanish from the international insurer that indicates the following:

  1. Validity of the insurance when visiting Costa Rica.
  2. Coverage of medical costs in the event of a Covid-19 pandemic in Costa Rica of at least $ 50,000.
  • $2,000minimumcoverageforlodgingcostsduetopandemicillness.

Please see here for our most recommended insurance

Q: I need to have my learning agreement/certificate of enrolment signed. What should I do?

A: Please fill the document and send it to

Q: When will I receive my Official Acceptance Letter?

A: The official letter of acceptance (Offer Letter) will be sent to you by email 2–3 months before the semester starts.

Q: When will I receive my Transcript of Records?

A: The university prepares and sends the Academic Records, usually within 1-2 months after the end of the semester. We will send your Academic Records as soon as we receive them from ULACIT.

Student Experiences

go abroad review - asia exchange
go overseas review - asia exchange

Why should you choose to study abroad?

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Experience the rich and diverse cultures

Diverse cultures and immersing yourself in them is a life-changing experience. Whether it is architecture, art of food, cultures are always awe-inspiring.

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It looks good on your resume

According to the QS Global Employer Survey Report, 6 out of 10 employers around the world give extra credit for an international student experience, and more than 80% said they actively sought graduates who had studied abroad.

Do you have questions about studying abroad at ULACIT?