Summer School

International Summer School Programs

Sometimes spending a full-length semester abroad might not be feasible for any number of reasons. Your busy study schedule or tough academic demands of your home university might not leave room for an entire semester abroad.

You might also be uncertain about committing straight away to a whole semester overseas in an unknown environment, while still taking part in something more than just a holiday abroad.

Joining a summer school session is a great way of studying abroad for a shorter period. You get to experience a new country, learn the basics of a new language, gain friends from all over the world and take some interesting courses at the same time, all within just a month.

Make the most out of your summer – Study, travel & discover a new culture!

If your plans for the summer are mostly about going on a holiday or perhaps studying a bit more, then a summer school is an effective way to combine the two. It is more than just sightseeing and lying on a beach, more than just sitting in front of a pile of books the whole summer. You get to take a break from your familiar environment while also feeling that you are doing something productive:

  • You get to know a new country and culture better than a mere tourist
  • You learn things you would not be able to learn at home, both in- and outside the classroom
  • You earn academic credits which you can include into your degree back home
  • You get to know people from all over the world
  • A summer school looks good in your CV and showcases to your future employers that you are active and make good use of your time

Beyond Abroad’s sister company is Asia Exchange. If you do not wish to study in Europe or America, Asia Exchange offers a variety of Asian destinations from which to pick.

study at hufs-seoul-asia exchange

International Summer School Session in Korea: Hankuk University of Foreign Studies

Seoul, South Korea
Study in a summer school in Korea and combine excellent academic standards with living in one of Asia's most contemporary countries! Students interested in Korean language and culture would benefit greatly from the summer program.

study at siam-university-bba-asia exchange

Warmadewa International Summer Exchange at Warmadewa University

Bali, Indonesia
Imagine spending the best summer of your life studying on Bali, the world's most recognized vacation destination! Join Warmadewa University's low-cost international summer school program and earn up to 12 ECTS while learning about the wonderful holiday island of Bali and its various recreational activities.

Student Experiences

Let the students speak! You can read interviews with our students, see their reports or check out their blogs for helpful tips for your own semester abroad. Below you can also find videos and testimonials.

a man and a girl is sitting on the ground holding a book and a laptop in Bali