Why to go abroad after high school

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Why to go abroad after high school – highlights of our webinar with Joalin and exchange students

World-famous pop-artist Joalin Loukamaa and former Mighty Eagle of Angry Birds Peter Vesterbacka among other guest speakers shared their experiences on why internationalization at a young age matters.

After graduating high school, the world is your oyster – millions of options to choose from. More and more young people head abroad for traveling, working, and studying. The experiences gained abroad can be the key for interesting career opportunities, personal growth, and lifelong friendships – immense values that cannot be measured in any currency. Asia Exchange and Beyond Abroad organized a spectacular webinar together with organizations and people working in the field of education to discuss why to go abroad after high school. A fascinating discussion for all international-minded people who wish to study abroad! Join the 20.000 viewers on Instagram and Youtube and get inspired.

Get out of your comfort zone and experience something totally different

“We only dream small because it’s secure. But why would I plan small when there are so many possibilities out there.”
– Joalin Loukamaa, representative of the world-famous pop group Now United

Going out of your comfort zone will give you the most rewarding and unforgettable moments of your life. Studying abroad requires you to be independent and find the solutions to unexpected situations you would not encounter at home. It can sound scary but stepping out of your comfort zone is the key to personal growth. In any case, you will come back home a more confident person with tons of interesting stories to tell.

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4 people swimming in the open sea
Learning how to surf in our destinations is a great way to get out of your comfort zone

Make new friends and get to know yourself

The best thing about studying abroad: new friends! It is relatively easy to get to know other people while studying abroad because most likely there are other international students in the same situation as you. There are always plenty of activities to do and people to meet. We encourage you to be open-minded and get to know locals as well as your international peers.

In addition to getting to know others, you will get to know yourself better. Living away from home makes you see your culture and daily habits differently. “Going abroad helps you to find and set your values,” says Harri Suominen, who has years of expertise in student mobility. 

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Study in Finland, equality for all!

Learn languages and experience cultures

“I now understand other people better. Going abroad makes us less judgmental and more understanding. “
– Heini, studied in South Korea

One of the most obvious advantages of studying abroad is learning languages. The best way to learn a new language is to live in a country where it is used in everyday life. The key is to use the new language and not be afraid to make mistakes. In addition to learning the local language, you have also the chance to improve your English language skills when communicating with all your international friends.

Cultural background has a huge impact on how we behave in different situations. It is good to be aware of different cultural features and respect them. However, meeting people from different cultural backgrounds will help you realize that people usually have more in common than things that separate us apart – despite our cultural differences. Studying abroad makes a person more aware of other cultures and different ways of doing things. Expanding your worldview helps you to develop cross-cultural awareness and global mindset. You will not only get familiar with the culture of your host country, but also the range of cultures in the student community.

Webinar about studying abroad
Congratulations to our lucky winner Mats! At the end of the webinar Asia Exchange gifted a semester abroad worth of €2000

Stand out, gain value for your future career

I would recommend you go abroad as early as possible. – – You should go to many countries and learn from them. One day you can have an innovative idea that can cure the world.”
– H.E. Mrs Thi Hai Tam Dang, Ambassador of Vietnam to Finland

During your time abroad, you can find a new path for your future career. International competence is highly valued by employers. Globalization and multiculturalization are a significant part of companies’ and organizations’ everyday life nowadays. Studying abroad will improve intercultural communication skills, language skills and confidence that are advantages in the labor market. And who knows, maybe you will meet your future co-workers or employer during your time abroad!

sitting on the cliff with wearing white converse shoes
While going abroad you’ll learn about new cultures, places, experiences and yourself

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Travel and see the world – have the time of your life

“You should not see it as ‘I lost a year’. If you ask anyone who has been abroad, they wished to have been there even longer.”
– Peter Vesterbacka, man behind Angry Birds and Slush

Travel is never wasted time or money. You will always gain more value studying abroad than money could ever buy. You might feel like you would miss out on things at home while studying abroad, but you will make ten times more memories during your time abroad than at home. Your home country, family and friends will wait for you at home when you come back from your adventure abroad. You will get so much more from studying abroad than just staying at home. Better do it now than regret never going. Make the world as your home.

“If you have the chance, you should take it. You will never regret being brave. “
– Mari, studied in Summer School in Germany

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This interview was conducted by our interns Ida and Iina!